Carpet and Area Rug Care

  1. Pre-Inspection - We will inspect your carpet, paying special attention to any areas of concern, as well as noting carpet type and overall condition. We will then inform you of any potentially permanent stains.
  2. Commercial Pre-Vacuum - Your carpet will be thoroughly vacuumed to remove dry solids. This is one of the most important steps as the solids, if moistened, could potentially lead to staining.
  3. Furniture Moving - We will then move any pieces of furniture of a regular moving size.  Larger pieces, such as beds and dressers, are left in place unless special instructions and payments have been agreed upon. All furniture will be protected with disposable blocks and tabs.
  4. Pre-spray & Pre-Spot - We will select the appropriate blend of chemical compounds for your particular carpets' needs to use in the pre-spray.  This makes the rinse much more effective as it loosens the dirt.
  5. Rinse and Flush - Once the soil is loosened we will fully fush and extract your carpets using our specialized equipment, sanitizing and deodorizing your carpets.
  6. Neutralize - We then balance your carpets pH to provide a longer lasting clean that feels fresher and cleaner as it removes the sticky feeling that comes with many carpet treatments.
  7. Post Spot Treatment - If any spots are remaining we will go over them again using treatments designed to remove the more difficult stains.
  8. Post Grooming - We will then use a carpet rake to realign the carpet pile for faster drying and a nice look.
  9. Post Inspection - We will then do a final inspection with you in order to make sure that everything you wanted to have done has been completed to your satisfaction.

If you are interested in learning more about our Carpet and Area Rug Care services, please contact us today!

Carpet and Area Rug Care | Cathy's Cleaning Service


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