1. Where are you located and where do you offer cleaning services?
We are located in Syracuse Indiana and we offer our professional cleaning services in the Northern Indiana Lakes Region, Kosciusko Indiana and Elkhart Indiana.
2. What cleaning service do you offer?
We offer a full spectrum of cleaning services including:

3.  What is the cost of my cleaning?
Fees are based on the size and condition of your home or business.  When you receive the initial estimate, it is just that-an “estimate.”  Most of the time first-time cleanings or one-time cleanings may require additional time and an additional fee.  If this is the case, you will be contacted prior to authorizing the service providers to spend more time in your home.
4. How can I pay for your service?
You can pay for service two ways.
a. Invoice by mail: We bill at the end of each month and checks are accepted.
b. Invoice by Email: We can also email you an invoice via Intuit Quickbooks with a convenient link for you to pay your invoice online.

5.  If I need to cancel or reschedule an appointment, will I be charged a fee?
We do require 24 hours for last minute cancellations.  We also ask to receive as much notice as possible for your scheduled events such as being out of town, etc.  The fee for lock outs and for last minute cancellations is $35.00.  Otherwise, we will try our hardest to reschedule your cleaning around conflicting obligations.

6.  Does Cathy’s Cleaning offer green cleaning?
Yes we do.  If you are interested in green cleaning products, just let us know.  We will accommodate your request.

7.  How does Cathy’s Cleaning handle complaints or concerns?
We encourage complaints or concerns to be called in immediately so we can address them promptly.  If you wish you can also contact by email.  We always want you to feel comfortable to inform of any concerns.

8.  Would I need to lock up my pet?
We only ask that intimidating pets be put in a crate or outside.  If there is a chance that your pet may escape while we enter, please let us know so that we can add it to your information sheet.

9.  Will I need to provide Cathy’s Cleaning with equipment or products?
Yes.  The client is responsible for the products and vacuums.

10.  Are Cathy’s Cleaning employees covered by a company insurance policy if they get hurt or anything were to get broken?
Yes.  We have workman’s compensation, general liability, and a bond on all employees.  We are happy to give out certificates of any or all insurances on request.

11.  Does Cathy’s Cleaning pay taxes on their workers?
Yes, all cleaners are employees of Cathy’s Cleaning and all taxes are paid by the cleaning service.

12.  Does Cathy’s Cleaning perform background checks on their employees?
Yes, we do a thorough criminal background check on all employees.

13. Do I have to leave detailed instructions each time Cathy’s Cleaning cleans?
We will customize the cleaning according to what you would like us to do.  We start with a standard list of everything we do each time.  If you would like to add, subtract, or change anything on the list, just let us know.

14. Do I have to give my key out?
No, we leave entry into our customers’ homes completely up to our customers.  However, if we do not have a key and customer forgets, we will need to charge the $35.00 lock out fee.

15. Can I add “extras” to my regular cleaning?
Yes.  We only ask you call the office ahead of time so that we may schedule the extra time into the schedule.  Many customers have us do a “spring clean” once or twice a year.  We will supply you with a list of spring cleaning options for you to choose from.  And if you do not see something, just let us know and we will happily accommodate your request.

16. Do I have to sign a “Contract” with your company?
No but we do have a Service Agreement.  It is not a contract.  We are confident in our ability to provide quality service every time we clean.  You are free to cancel your regularly scheduled cleaning any time.

17. How do I provide a feedback on my cleaning?
You can email or call us and let us know how things went.