Mattress Cleaning

Cathy's 10 Steps to A Clean Mattress

  1. Pre-Inspection
    We will carefully inspect the mattress, noting thread type and soiling conditions, paying special attention to fabric type and overall condition. We will then let you know if there are any potentially permanent stains.
  2. Pre-Vacuum
    We will thoroughly vacuum the item in order to remove dry soil. This is one of the most important steps, as when moisture is added, dry solids often become much harder to remove or cause further staining.
  3. Floor Protection
    We cover the surrounding floors and carpets with an absorbent material in order to protect them.
  4. Pre-Spray & Pre-Spot
    Based on our initial investigation we will pre-spray the area that needs cleaning with chemicals selected for the particular fabric and soiling. This will allow the rinsing process to be much more effective.
  5. Pre-Agitate
    The Spray will be worked into the fabric using a clean towel or soft bristle brush designed specifically for this.
  6. Rinse & Extract
    Once the soil has been loosened, we will use our specialized extraction tools to flush your mattress, thoroughly sanitizing and deodorizing the fabric.
  7. Neutralize
    We then balance the pH of the mattress, so that there will be nothing sticky left behind. This is important because an unbalanced clean can lead to an over all sticky feeling in your mattress.
  8. Post Spot Treatment
    If there are any remaining spots visible we will use specialized spot touch up cleaning to remove them.
  9. Post-Grooming
    If fabric has a knap, the knap is brushed into alignment  using a grooming brush or white towel.
  10. Post-Inspection
    We will then inspect the piece, again thoroughly, and present it to you as well for inspection, ensuring a completed job.

If you are interested in learning more about our Mattress cleaning services, please contact us today!