Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning Check List

Click Here to download and print your Spring Cleaning Check List
Clients may check what they would like clean or may add and customize the list to their cleaning needs.

□    Windows hand washed (outside)
□    Remove cobwebs
□    Vacuum all carpets, stairs and upholstered furniture
□    Mirrors and glass surfaces cleaned
□    Window sills (hand washed or wiped)
□    Windows hand washed (inside)
□    Floors (mopped or vacuumed)
□    Moldings (hand washed or wiped)
□    Furniture dusted and polished
□    Furniture move and clean under
□    Straighten or change linens (if left out)
□    Fingerprints cleaned from walls, doors, frames, and switch plates
□    Trash (emptied, washed, and relined)
□    Window blinds (hand washed)
□    Pictures and curios (hand wiped)
□    Ceiling fan, light fixtures, and bulbs (hand wiped)
□    Lamp shades (dusted or vacuumed with attachment)
□    Tub and shower walls cleaned and sanitized
□    Toilet cleaned inside and outside, base and behind
□    Sink and countertop cleaned and sanitized
□    Cabinet doors (hand wiped)
□    Cabinets cleaned (inside)
□    Countertop and back splash cleaned (all items removed and replaced)
□    Stovetop and drip pans scrubbed
□    Stove cleaned (inside)
□    Microwave cleaned (inside and outside)
□    Appliances cleaned (outside)
□    Top of refrigerator cleaned
□    Refrigerator cleaned (inside)